AI-SEE @ CVPR 2023 in Vancouver

The Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Conference (CVPR), hosted by the IEEE / CVF, stands as a distinguished event within the realm of Computer Vision and AI. This year, from 18-22 June 2023, CVPR welcomed attendees in Vancouver, Canada.

AI-SEE proudly contributed to the conference with two accepted papers, titled "LiDAR-in-the-loop Hyperparameter Optimization" and "Gated Stereo: Joint Depth Estimation from Gated and Wide-Baseline Active Stereo Cues." These papers were collaboratively developed by Mercedes-Benz, Algolux, and Princeton University.

During the conference, AI-SEE members Stefanie Walz, Dominik Scheuble, and Andrea Ramazzina of Mercedes-Benz presented these two papers, engaging in stimulating discussions and addressing numerous inquiries on the subject matter.