AI-SEE 2nd Consortium Meeting

On 31 August and 1 September 2023, the AI-SEE consortium convened for its 2nd Consortium Meeting at the VTT premises in Tampere, Finland. This gathering brought together over 30 participants with the primary objectives of reviewing the technical accomplishments achieved during the 2nd project year and aligning efforts for the project's completion in 2024.

During the meeting, notable progress was showcased through the presentation of project demonstration vehicles by VTT, Unikie, Magna/Veoneer, and Patria. This marked a crucial integration milestone in the validation process of the AI-SEE platform.

Additionally, a collaborative testing campaign took place in Padasjoki, Finland, where the Patria off-road land demonstrator, equipped with automotive sensing components, underwent successful testing on forest terrain typical of Finland. This achievement underscored the adaptability and effectiveness of the AI-SEE perception system in diverse domains.