AI-SEE measurement campaign at JARI










23-27 January 2023 -- AI-SEE cooperated with VVM, another publicly funded research project on a measurement campaign inside the JARI (Japan Automobile Research Institute) weather chamber in Tsukuba, Japan.

The main goal of this sensor collection campaigns was to capture ground truth data of a synchronized multimodal long-range automotive senor array in adverse weather conditions over the entire detection range of the sensors. AI-SEE will use these measurements as reference data for the development of improved adverse weather characteristics of sensors and perception stacks for Automated Driving System (ADS).

The JARI weather chamber was chosen for the measurement campaign because its unique size of 15 x 200 meters covers the entire detection range of modern environmental detection sensor technology for ADS. Furthermore, fog and rain can be generated there in appropriate gradations and theoretically kept constant throughout the space for any length of time.

The staged scenarios ‘Pedestrian and Living Area’, ‘Lost Cargo’ and ‘Construction Site’ correlated with the following use cases defined in AI-SEE:

  • Pedestrian detection in adverse weather
  • Road debris detection in adverse weather
  • Detection of road vehicles in adverse weather conditions